Roseville Store Location

Pet Food Express Store Location

Store Address:1009 Galleria Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95678
(Fountain's at Roseville)
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Phone:(916) 780-5555

Store Hours:

Monday-Saturday: 9:30am-8:30pm
Sunday: 10am-7pm
Sunday (4/20): 10am - 4pm

We'd Love to Hear from You:

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Self-Service Pet Wash:
$15 each or 4 for $11.25 each. Each session lasts 25 minutes.
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Roseville Pet Adoption Events:

VIP Wellness Center:

VIP Petcare Wellness Center at Pet Food Express Roseville

See a VIP vet for complete routine veterinary care, including physical exams, cat & dog vaccinations, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, eye exams, nail trim  and much more. For additional information and pricing click here.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:
2:30pm - 7:30pm

Roseville Anesthesia-Free Dental Clinic:

Meridian Veterinary Care Anesthesia-Free Dental Clinics at Pet Food Express RosevilleMeridian Veterinary Care offers anesthesia-free dental cleanings by Animal Dental Care technicians which include hand scaling, ultrasonic scaling and enamel polishing. A detailed chart of your pet’s teeth is maintained and antibiotics are prescribed when necessary. Pets requiring dental X-rays or extractions due to advanced dental disease are typically not candidates for this procedure. To schedule an appointment call (916) 342-1245 or click here for more information.

Dates: 5/9, 7/18, 9/12 & 11/7

Local Vet Emergency Contacts:
Roseville Pet Food Express Team:

District Manager:
Amy Vargas

Group Manager:
Kim Kerr

Store Manager(s):

Samantha Guillen (Store Manager)
Kayla Olson (Assistant Manager)
Felice Acevedo (Lead Associate)
Stephen Anderson (Lead Associate)

Cat Adoption Center:

 We proudly feature adoptable cats from Placer SPCA

Placer SPCA at Pet Food Express Roseville

Featured Cat - Violet

Roseville Featured Cat - Violet

Violet is a perfect example of her name; she is sweet, beautiful, and as gentle as they come. Her predominately white fur has splotches of deep grey that make her stunning green eyes as captivating as her affectionate personality. Though she may be shy at first due to the rough three years she had before she was rescued, once she trusts you, you have her forever. She is a love; she would rather be with you in your arms than anywhere in the world, fighting even her own apprehension just to be close to you. Once she is comfortable with you, she becomes a rare, playful little kitty who loves to have her belly scratched as long as you let her nuzzle into your hand during. Having violet flowers in your life breeds positivity, and the same goes with having this sweet little one as well. If you are interested in a cat who just wants to love and be loved, this may be your girl. She would be good with dogs and other cats, as long as you take her timid nature into account and do a slow introduction; and same goes with children, who should be aged 12 years or older so as not to alarm her too much. Other than that, she would do well with just about any type of person; whether younger or older, single or with family. Give this sweetheart a chance and trust me, she will absolutely steal your heart.

Hours: Tuesday: 5pm- 7pm | Wednesday: 9:30am - 12pm & 5pm - 7pm | Thursday: 4pm - 7pm | Friday: 4pm - 7pm | Saturday: 9:30am - 12pm & 1pm - 3:30pm | Sunday: 10am - 12pm & 2pm - 4pm

Roseville Dog Training:
My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

All you have to do is donate to a rescue or shelter, and Pet Food Express will say THANK YOU with a giant My Mutt portrait of your pet! Click here for more.

Adoptions to Date: 61452

Rescue a friend in need.

There are thousands of pets available from over 150 Northern California rescue organizations, just waiting for your love. Find your match today! Search Adoptions

Rescue a friend in need.
Dental Clinics
Dental Clinics

Select Pet Food Express locations now offer animal dental cleanings without the use of anesthesia. Book an Appointment Today!

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