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Your puppy oughta be in pictures.

Have you ever noticed all the large pet photos in our stores?  We can help make your pet a star, too, at Pet Food Express!

It’s called the “My Mutt” program, and it helps pet rescues and pet shelters throughout the Bay Area.

And don’t be fooled by its name, the My Mutt program happily will display purebreds, cats, hamsters, horses, birds—you name it!

It’s actually a simple process and makes a great gift for a family member or friend.

All you have to do is make a donation of at least $250 (per pet in photo) to a non-profit rescue or shelter of your choice (donations must be within the same calendar year as the My Mutt application)  . This would be in addition to adoption fees. Your donation should be sent directly to the organization that you are supporting, not Pet Food Express. We just need proof of your donation via a receipt .

We hire a professional pet photographer to arrange a photo shoot of your adorable critter.

And once you choose an image, we will blow up the photo to poster size and will put it on display in the store of your choosing. You get to see your “celebrity” pet every time you shop for food and supplies. Next time you are in one of our stores, you can check out all the wonderful pictures of people’s pets on the walls and in the windows.

“Number one, people love seeing their pets larger than life on the walls and in the windows of the stores. Not to mention, people love sending their friends and family to the stores to see their baby’s photo!”, Shani Russell, Web master for Pet Food Express, said. “Number two, it also brings donation money directly to the shelters that are always in need of funding.”

Partnering with Northern California Pet Adoption, these photos are our way of celebrating these wonderful animals and also a means of helping the rescue organizations and shelters who do the tireless front line work of finding homes for animals in need.

Those who donate $250 or more will see their poster displayed in the store for six months, and for a donation of $500 or more, the image will be up for a year.

We have also matched My Mutt donations to help rescue groups like Bad Rap (Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls) with medical treatments for dogs. Recently, we presented a check to Bad Rap for $5,400, to provide knee surgery for Pinky, a 2-year-old, mild-mannered bull terrier.

“A lot of pits have knee problems and often we have to make the difficult decision (of not rescuing them from shelters), but we knew somehow, something would happen,” Bad Rap co-founder Donna Reynolds said. “And (Pet Food Express) came around. The pit gods have spoken.” “It’s from the heart,” Bad Rap co-founder Tim Racer added.

We have raised $1.2 million in My Mutt donations for pet rescues and shelters throughout Northern California. Contact for more information, and help us EXPRESS your love for pets.

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My Mutt Program
My Mutt Program

All you have to do is donate to a rescue or shelter, and Pet Food Express will say THANK YOU with a giant My Mutt portrait of your pet! Click here for more.

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Rescue a friend in need.

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Rescue a friend in need.
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